Subnet Systems Ltd is an informatics company of 100% Hungarian ownership with its seat in Győr. It was founded by Hungarian private individuals.
In spite of the fact that the company was registered in December 2007, each of the founders has twenty years’ experience in informatics (they own Systems-engineer qualifications), and in the scope of this, they have dealt with communication networks, systems and their operation for 15 years (in average 10 hours per day).

Our company provides overall informatics service / assistance “ concentrated in one hand “ for companies and enterprises, independent of their location.
Our principal objects include installation of computing and communication networks (LAN-WAN), system operation (computer park management) and consultancy.
Within the framework of the service, we apply the most up-to-date remote monitoring techniques, through which the Client receives such improved service as if he had his own local informatics expert in his own office.

In addition, we consider the motto “high-quality work with high-quality devices” a guide through which we match our services with professional Dell™ hardware devices.
In spite of their top quality, we can offer these devices at favourable, absolutely reasonable prices with three years’ on-site (!) guarantee. In this way we would like to introduce working with high-quality devices at small and medium enterprises in Hungary as well.
Here we would like to note that we have 11 years’ experience in the field of Dell™ devices.

During our work we lay great emphasis on the documentation and tracing of the events in order to provide more and more convenient services for our clients.

Our target groups are mainly such small and medium-sized enterprises where there is no full-time IT professional employed, however, the expert supervision of the system is inevitable (since we have already learnt: “everything must work all the time”).

We have been keeping continuous relations with our recent clients for seven or eight years on average.

We all know that nowadays business life is entirely connected with informatics and the Internet.
Thus it can be said that we cannot live without IT (Information Technology): who does not shift to online mode will fall behind.

The world has sped up. - Technologies develop dynamically:

- For a long time it has not been enough for a system or a computer park to be just “kept alive” (…by an “amateur colleague”…) – it must work continuously and from time to time it must be renewed so that the company could keep up with the competition.

- So you need an expert company whose scope has been informatics for many years, and that, as a consequence, knows the latest technologies, knows exactly what to pay attention to at what time, so that your life and work can be more simple and comfortable and your data are in security.
Your company can produce efficiently, i. e. you can concentrate on your own activity, and through which gain profit only if the IT backgronund is functioning reliably during the daily work, i. e. the informatics system supports its work.

The operation of informatics systems is a special field which is based on confidence, continuous good bilateral communication, correct and precise work, while in the case of any problems, determined and quick intervention.
For us these are the guidelines.